Our History

I formed Avalon to produce and distribute media content. I began my career in theater, and produced off-Broadway plays (i.e.: Eve Ensler’s “Floating Rhoda”), also the attribute to Arthur Miller, with guests Dustin Hoffman, Eli Wallach, and Ann Jackson participating. I also worked on the Showtime Act 1 in Los Angeles, where we produced 21 one-act plays for future TV development. In 1992, I started my working relationship with HBO on the America Undercover series executive producing documentaries for Shelia Nevins and Chris Albrecht.

Avalon’s HBO relationships opened many doors and opportunities. Avalon started out as a small production company creating programming for HBO, Showtime, and PPV events. We have since become a full-service production company providing production services from concept straight through post-production to distribution. Avalon, with its commercial partners, has created commercials for many American national brands.

Avalon has become a distribution partner for other production companies, for both domestic and international distribution. We provide these services for television, film, and documentary programming. Because of our awareness of the growing digital platforms, Avalon has created partnerships with several digital providers and is in the process of creating its own digital platform on Netflix, Roku, and Amazon.

~ Domenic Casillo Sr.