Jarett Bellucci

Two-Time Emmy Award-Winning Director & Editor

Jarett Bellucci is a well-known and well-regarded storyteller among studios, and producers His mixed knowledge of advertising & production experience allows him to understand what needs to be said and how to say it! He has developed a signature documentary-like style of capturing real stories about real people, which resonate with viewers and fellow filmmakers alike, and his exuberant personality and attention to detail have helped him engender fierce loyalty from cast, crew and producers alike, allowing for the making of eye-catching commercials for some of the largest brands in the country, including Acuvue, Forbes, BMW, Kaplan, Mercedes, About.com, Landshark Lager and Tropicana, winning a myriad of gongs and plaudits in the process.

Beyond advertising, Jarett has found considerable success in other creative fields including TV and film. His first TV show, SAY “I DO” NYC, which he co-created, produced, edited, and directed, was nominated for a New York Emmy in 2012, whilst his follow-up pilot for PBS, BEST PLACES TO LIVE, earned him an Emmy award for producing directing and editing, which is proudly displayed in his office, despite now sporting bite marks courtesy of his then-infant son, Max, who took one look at it and decided it would make a tasty dinner! His own short films, meanwhile, caught the attention of Steven Spielberg who chose him to appear on his reality TV series “ON THE LOT,” and he continues to develop shorts and features, all of which are infused with his visual flair and wry sense of humor.