“Beyond the Aberration” is a captivating art documentary that delves into the world through the imaginative lens of a young child. As he navigates the routines of everyday life, his vivid imagination transforms the mundane into extraordinary adventures. An astronaut, a creation of the child’s mind, is transplanted into these unique environments to help him cope with the external forces that plague modern society.

Witness the world through dreams, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


The film presents the limitless potential of imagination and the profound impact of our surroundings. Through a blend of evocative music and striking imagery, the narrative invites the audience to explore their imaginations and contemplate their visions for the future. Each scene evokes emotions from wonder to deep reflection, enhanced by a haunting yet uplifting soundtrack. This cinematic journey encourages viewers to break free from reality’s constraints and envision boundless possibilities, reminding us of the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and inspiring reflection on creativity’s role in shaping our future.

70% of the film has already been shot!

Marvelous Settings:

The child’s imagination takes the astronaut to awe-inspiring and thought-provoking locations, such as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, where he envisions life in a dystopian future. These imagined settings, rich in detail and emotion, highlight the boundless creativity of the young mind and the stark contrasts between reality and fantasy.

THE Cinematic Excellence:

Shot entirely on the RED Helium camera, “Beyond the Aberration” paints the world in a mesmerizing and inspiring way. The stunning visuals, rendered in rich, vibrant hues, bring the child’s imaginative landscapes to life with breathtaking clarity and detail. The camera’s exceptional capability to capture the finest nuances and textures allows every scene to unfold like a vivid dream, immersing the audience in an extraordinary visual journey.

THE opportunity:

THE plan:

The investment:

We are seeking $55,000 in funding to complete our project, In return, we are offering 25% of the backend points on the film.


The initial investment of $55,000 is recouped first before any backend points are distributed.


We have secured worldwide distribution with Principal Media, eagerly awaiting the film’s completion.


You will be credited as an Executive Producer and your name will appear first in the credit roll.

In safe Hands:

Experienced and passionate, our team has been producing high-quality content for over 10 years.

THE return:


Follow the Dream!

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