Aerial Video ProductionVertex Media offers state-of-the-art aerial camera platforms with the latest cameras. We capture crisp, clean images that make your products shine. We aren’t some fly-by-night aerial video production company; we are FAA certified and insured, and follow strict safety protocols to ensure your drone photography project comes off without a hitch. We’ve been in the video production industry since 2007, which gives us an intimate understanding of timing and the framing of shots. Contact us today to learn how we can showcase your business from the air with our drone videography services.

Filming scenes with a flying camera (commonly known as a “drone”) lets us capture breathtaking aerial shots that add visual excitement to your video. The perspective of a drone – whether a high, wide angle aerial or a closer, more intimate shot – provides a sense of motion and grandeur that was previously limited to large budget projects that could include very expensive helicopter shots.

Thanks to drone technology, amazing aerial shots are now within reach of most video production budgets.

More and more of our clients – corporate, academic and nonprofit…

…want to include aerial drone shots in their videos because drone shots can do so many things:

♦  Show the historic nature of your building
♦  Show the majesty of your landscape
♦  Give an overview of a very large setting (a construction site, a football stadium, a multi-building campus, etc.)
♦  Create an epic feeling
♦  Set a particular emotional tone

Drone video is one of the top 10 video production trends for 2016, and its popularity is exploding.

Why Vertex Media for Drone Videography Services?

Vertex Media Studios films in 4K raw video, which few other companies offer, especially in their drone programs. What this means for you is you’ll get an exceptionally high-end aerial photography package with cinema-quality footage. It’ll be a beautiful, moving shot that provides a dynamic perspective of any situation.

Plus, we have a deep history of creating award-winning video production for a variety of use cases, and we’re bringing that expertise to every drone project. From marketing videos to team training and a walk-through to prep people who might visit your site, drone videos can deliver the information you need in a way that was previously unavailable.

The 4K video, with options to shoot up to 240 frames per second, allows us to capture extreme details or extreme slow-motion video in the air, so your video can be precise and detailed each and every time.

Drones have a small footprint and can get the shot above or next to your staff where a traditional camera operator and other previous aerial photography options couldn’t go.

So When you need some creative Aerial Video Production in your ext shoot, don’t hesitate to call Vertex Media.