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Why SEO Is Still The Leader In Generating New Business For Dentists

Facebook has received a lot of hype as a great way to market all types of businesses, and many dentists have jumped on the wagon by setting up their own Facebook business page. Although it’s true that social media can be a crucial aspect of your marketing campaign, the truth of the matter is that you don’t really get new patients through Facebook. In fact, according to the most recent tracking studies, Facebook is actually a very rare way to get new patients. Orange County SEO and their dialed in Local SEO is the most effective way!

So how do people find a new dentist? It’s simple and obvious: they use Google. If you’re a dentist, you need a website and you need SEO.

Dentist Lead Generation
The key advantage of using Google is that it is the most used platform for finding information, products and services. Your website must be able to address every potential concern that a patient is worried about. List down and explain every type of dental problem you can treat. But all these bits of info won’t be of much use if people can’t find your website. That’s what SEO is for—to make it easier for Google and other search engines to rank your website so that your target patients can find you.

Generating leads through SEO is not only effective but is also inexpensive. There’s no need to spend on other forms of marketing such as PPC, Facebook advertising, or paying for ad space in various websites. As your website boosts its ranking in the search engines, your number of leads will also increase.

Targeting Dentistry -Related Keywords
How do people find the information they need in Google? They use keywords. Your SEO expert can determine which keywords your dental website can target, so that your site can rank highly on the search results.

Sometimes they just use keywords like “best dentist in San Francisco”, or they may search for subspecialties, such as orthodontics or even be more specific like “Invisalign San Francisco.” They may also use keywords involving symptoms (“throbbing toothache”) or possible solutions to problems (“teeth whiteners”).

Get Top Rankings in Your City
In terms of keywords, your city or neighborhood is a crucial aspect to target in your SEO strategy especially if you’re a dentist. People aren’t going to a dental office that is 3 hours away. Your potential patients are those who live near your office, so that’s where your SEO should focus on. It’s likely that you’re not the only dental clinic in the area, with over 151,500 dentists in the US right now. This is where local SEO comes in. You need to make sure your keywords are geo-targeted and that your website is listed in Google Places, Yelp and even local directories.

Vertex Media is a Top Ranked SEO Company with All Top Ranking Clients

Very few dentists have the time or inclination to learn the technical aspects of SEO and that is why it makes sense to hire an SEO specialist.

If you’re looking for an SEO expert, be wary of those who promise instant results. SEO doesn’t work that way, and if it does then it probably means that your “expert” used unethical means to achieve that result. Such success is only temporary, however, as Google will invariably punish your site for using unethical methods. So make sure that you get an SEO specialist who practices their craft like you practice your dentistry: diligently, carefully, and ethically. Vertex Media is the SEO Firm that you have been looking for. We have limited space and focus on client communication and top rankings. We only work with our select clientele. In doing this our clients all receive lots of attention and have top placement in the search engines.


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