Web Video Production – Mistakes You Should Avoid and Editing Tips

In the last few years, the prices of video production equipment have significantly declined. When it comes to web video production, you need to avoid some common mistakes.

Lack of Preparation – Once you have written a good script for your video production, you need to spend a lot of time on preparation. The basic idea isn’t to just cram through the whole script. It is important to memorize the important points in your head and keep practicing. This will make sure you have a very smooth on-camera presentation.

In case you’re the narrator, you need to remember the words by heart, and use them casually like you do in daily life. You need to understand that it’s hard enough to have a good presence on camera. When it comes to sound, you need to make sure you don’t go overboard in trying to sound like someone else.

It is important to completely memorize the primary talking points. Even if you do, editing can rectify some minor errors.

Poor Video/Sound Quality – When it comes to web video production, the key to success will be excellent video and sound quality. Even exceptional videos with high-tech special effects can not save a video production from poor video and sound quality. Instead of an on-camera mic, you should use a lav-mic. You should also focus on shooting in good light, and make sure camera angles and height are appropriate.

Dull Script/Storyline – Video is a very powerful medium to help you connect to your audience. You need to appeal to your audience’s desires and needs.

Too Long/Lengthy – Almost every web video production falls into a trap of Too Much Information. Although you need to tell everything about your product or service, you need to be concise. A lot of information always seems too long, dull and boring. Your results will be better if you deliver shorter messages. You need to think about a video production as a movie trailer. It needs to entice your audience, and make them interested in your product.

Tips to Edit Videos Properly

For a beginner, video editing can seem to be an overwhelming subject. However, a lot of techniques and tools are available for editors these days. In fact, an increase in the number of media institutions has also made it easier for people to learn more about video editing. Video creators can also learn a lot by watching tutorials on websites like You Tube and Vimeo. Keeping all these things in mind, it is quite easy to become a video producer these days. Here are some good editing tips for your web video production.

Shoot as per Editing – Most beginners commit one common mistake during video production or shoot. It is always important to shoot as per editing needs and requirements. This will allow you to easily cut out anything you don’t need.

Organize your Work – It is always better to organize your work. In case you are making a long web movie, it will be better to prepare a storyboard. You should name every clip in the editing software. It is important to use the same names as the storyboard. Without proper names, you will just have a lot of unrecognized files. Thus, you will lose a lot of time to look for footage you need to edit.

Create A Rough Edit – As soon as the footage is in your editing software, you should create a rough edit. The main footage should be set in chronological order in the timeline of the software. This will allow you to build a frame for your edit.

Don’t Make Unnecessary Cuts – There is no need to go crazy in cutting. It can be even longer if someone is talking in the shot or something important is going on. It is important not to bore your audience with the stroboscope effect.

Music and Sound Effects – Audio is an important part of every web video production. The right kind of music and sound effects give a proper feel to your video. For instance, a slow soft track in a romantic scene has a completely different effect on an audience than rap music in a car racing scene. It is always better to test different kinds of songs and background score to notice the feel’ and impact it will have on your audience.

Video editing is a very important part of producing any video or a movie. With all the technologies and tools present today, it is very easy to become a video producer. All you need is a decent camera, monitor, video card on your computer and an editing software.

In the last few years, many online video channels have generated consumer interest in video marketing. However, you need a professional company to receive the best results from your video marketing campaign. A reputed and experienced web video production company will be your best choice.