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Video Marketing

Vertex Media understands Video Marketing and especially that plain old video production is not enough. Everyone has a message, we will help you get your message seen and heard. With some snazzy footwork and plain old engineering, we can get your web video to the front page of Google and keep the viewers interested in your Offerings.

Video Marketing:

WE can get your Video’s to the top Spots in Google FAST:
Here’s proof of What we can do for your Video Marketing:

Click on some of these marketing video’s that we have done for our past clients. You will see a current search result by letting use Google that for you:

Google: Newport Beach Catering

Newport Beach Catering

Google: OC  Short Sale Realtor

Orange County Short Sale Realtor

YouTube Video Marketing explained:


Your marketing video is great! It explains the Values of your Company, it shows the reasons why a client should purchase your product or service. So then why is no one watching your video? It’s quite simple really. YouTube is not for businesses, it’s not a home for showcasing your most valuable products, is it? Yes it is, you see video marketing starts with a good reliable home. YouTube provides such a home. However, the average ‘tuber’ is not looking for goods and services on YouTube. However, this does provide an ideal home to host your video! High bandwidth, rapid indexing of videos and more. It is almost silly not to host your business videos on YouTube. Getting Your video’s to the top spots in Google starts with hosting on YouTube!

How to take advantage of Video Marketing:

 There are several ways to convey your message.
There are no set laws of video marketing that must be followed.
You can be humorous, educational, serious, or even tragic!

What is important to know are some startling statistics:

A 30 second Video is worth 1.8 million words!
A viewer is 48% more likely to watch a video that read an article!
Marketing Video’s are 20% more likely to get clicked on in the Google Search Results!

As you can see Video Marketing makes sense.