Professional Video Editing Tips to Make Excellent Videos

Basically, any video production involves three stages. The first stage is pre-production, followed by production and post-production. Professional video editing is an integral part of post-production. A movie or video is pieced together during editing. Basically, editing presents a video in a form, which is liked by the audience. It gives a final shape to a production. As mentioned earlier, editing a video can seem to be overwhelming for a beginner. However, all the tips we give you in the post will help you progress in the right direction.

Start with Basics

It is time to cut out everything you don’t need. You have to trim the beginnings and endings of each clip. You should cut out all the shots that are not needed. As mentioned earlier, editing would be much easier if you shot everything as per editing needs and requirements. If there are many shots from different camera angles, you will be able to filter everything you don’t need.

Build A Story

It is time to build a story once you have removed all the unwanted footage. Think about certain frames where you can add close ups. While doing this, also consider different shots to enhance the dramatic effect. You should try many different combinations and try to feel if they are able to express what you want. This will give you an idea about how your story is moving forward.

Make it more Lively

What keeps you glued to your seats are effects. Video creators or editors need to add effects to make a video interesting for their audience.

Most of the professional video editing software have after effects templates, which make it much easier for beginners. You can play with transitions to make your movie more beautiful, touching, dramatic and cool.

Create an Intro and End

As mentioned above, a boring intro may force an audience to leave. Even if the major part of your movie is interesting, it is not worthy to take a chance in the beginning. A good intro and titles at the end ensure your movie has a proper beginning and ending.

If you are confused about the ending, going to black will be a good option. If the black screen is followed by a title, it helps in creating a dramatic effect. Once again, you need to play around with things like motion design (probably if you are editing anima), transitions, effects and so on.

Consider Editing While Shooting

According to industry experts, most beginners commit a common mistake during the shoot or production. Most beginner cameramen don’t leave room for professional video editing. It’s extremely important to shoot according to your editing requirements. It’s better when you take a wide range of shots, including close shots, wide shots, pans and zooms. During the shoot, the camera needs to be steady with sufficient film footage. This allows you to make necessary cuts later.

Organize the Film

It’s important to keep your film or work organized. It’s important to work with a storyboard when you’re shooting a long video. You need to name all the clips in the professional video editing software. Moreover, you need to use the same names like on your storyboard. You will have cluttered and unrecognized files if you don’t give proper names to files. This will make you lose a lot of time on editing.

Rough Edit is Important

Once you’ve rendered the video footage in your professional video editing software, it’s important to create a rough edit. You need to set the primary footage in chronological order. It should be set in the software’s timeline. This allows you to build a proper frame for the edit.

Never Make Any Unnecessary Cuts

This leads to bad video production. Once again, there is no need to go crazy when cutting the video.

Moreover, if the character is talking in the shot or you want to emphasize on something important, it can be longer. According to experts, it is better to switch between your shot lengths. You should match and mix to keep some shots shorter than others.

Many beginner editors use a lot of stroboscope effect. This only bores your audience and makes them feel disengaged. It is important to understand that the human brain takes about 5 seconds to understand everything going on in the video.