Vertex Meida Is Orange Countys Best Video Production Company
A Video Production Company

Vertex TeamFounder / CEO

Vertex Media is the brainchild of Kevin Keator and Fred D’Amelia. Located
on the edges of the “Thirty Mile Zone”, Vertex Media is anything but a fringe operation. With over 30 years combined experience in the industry Kevin
and Fred bring their own unique skill sets to every project.

Kevin Keator was diagnosed as dyslexic at a young age. Since reading was difficult for him, he became obsessed with the visual mediums of story
telling. Overcoming obstacles his entire life, Kevin has an uncanny ability to turn a sunset into a sunrise.

Fred D’Amelia graduated alongside Steven Spielberg with a BA in Film and Electronic Arts. He worked his way through the muck of various film and television projects, earning his stripes as a producer, cinematographer, and editor. His fundamental belief is that the truth is just the interpretation of facts, at the hands of an editor.

Vertex Media is also lucky to have an extended family of other self-made industry professionals.