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Your social media content is DEAD if no one shares it!
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brands-and-social-mediaWhy Do We Care About Shares:
Boost SEO.
Driving Force To Free Advertising

Signify User Engagement

Nowhere is this more apparent than on Facebook,
where shares recently supplanted “likes” as the metric of choice.

So, how do you create more shareable posts and campaigns?
Here are three tips for tapping into social media’s hottest metric on its widest-reaching network:

1. Make Sure Your Posts Are Mobile Ready
Images sized to 560 X 292 pixels are optimal for full display in the mobile news feed.
About 70 percent of Facebook traffic comes through mobile devices, which means you must optimize content for mobile in every possible way. Ideally, anything you’re linking to should be easy to read or view on a mobile device. Brevity is the key to communications,  with mobile it’s even more imperative than ever before. Headlines and teasers within posts must be short and concise, and the first paragraph or teaser should entice readers to click through to longer-form text.

2. Boost only those posts getting early engagement. Only boost posts that get some shares and likes from your core audience, that way you can be sure that your message is seen and or heard by the masses.  By waiting until your post has a few comments, shares, and likes you can be sure your boosts will entice others to do the same.

3. Ask yourself, “Will this post pass the ‘share test?’

To know whether something’s worthy of sharing, consider whether it’s:
colorful – interesting – surprising – inspiring – different – timely – funny

Depending on your message, simple advice for dealing with a problem or a funny way of looking at a problem, as with any form of marketing test, test, and test some more.