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Safety Fears Grow For Drones

As Vertex Media is in the use of drones, we are continually listening to reports on drone usage.  As I scour the web looking for creative ways to use our drones in video production I continually come across news articles about dangers and the downright dangerous things people do with drones.  Take for instance this article here: There have been reports of drones flying around airports and and nearly colliding with large aircraft!  This is insane and threatens to undo the fun and enjoyment of flying not only for entertainment but for business as well.

Speaking of insane: Have you seen this video?

The day I saw this video go viral on Facebook, I knew the FAA as well as the FBI were going to have a field day of horror.  Makes me wonder what kind of new jamming technology is going to be needed when high priority dignitaries come out in public.

On a different subject our drone uses the most state of the art tracking systems and keeps up to date on all registrations as well as software updates. However we too know the dangers.  That’s why when you decide to use a drone in your video production project, make sure your pilots are abreast with all regulations and safety protocols.

For further reading I suggest the FAA article on drones:

September 28, 2015 • #