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Vape Life

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3 Sep 2013

Vape Life

Vape Life

Livin’ that Vape Life, oh how good it feels.

In case you’re not familiar, there are 3 main categories of vaporizers: those for dry herbs, those for wax & oil concentrates, and those for e-liquid or e-juice.

Herbal vapes are the ones designed for use with dry herbs and loose leaf material, obviously. These units gently heat your material by convection (hot air) or conduction (radiated heat), releasing the active compounds into a vapor.

These can also be broken down even further into 3 sub-categories: Desktop, Portable and Pen-style.

Desktop vapes plug into an outlet for power and are designed for use at home, and they’re generally not that convenient to transport. Some of the best models are the Volcano, Herbalizer, Plenty and Cloud EVO.

Portable models are smaller, cordless and usually powered by rechargeable batteries. There are some vape pens available for dry herb, but most are used with either wax & oil concentrates or e-liquids. Check out this YouTube video to find the best portable vaporizer for you.

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