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IQ Web Mail

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17 May 2011

IQ Web Mail

QWebMail offers online SECURE ENCRYPTED EMAIL SERVICES. These unique identity theft protection services provide online security to all individuals, personally and professionally, who have a need for confidential and safe email communications. The iQWebMail online service is unique because it utilizes a propriety iQ Gateway server to authenticate, encrypt/decrypt incoming and outgoing data transmissions to protect your identity. All data stored on an iQWebMail server is designed to provide secure encrypted email communications to ensure confidential, authorized access from your home or office. iQWebMail uses a unique hardware and software encryption implementation that defends against unauthorized access outside the iQWebMail network. If an unauthorized user from outside the iQWebMail network intercepts an iQWebMail encrypted email, the data would be unreadable and give you the needed identity theft protection. Additionally, iQWebMail is as versatile as all your business and personal needs. Being platform independent, allows the user to be anywhere and access their account with the same level of security. iQWebMail doesn’t require the user to access their email from a specific computer or office terminal, but rather allows for complete portability. Furthermore, iQWebMail can provide the same level of security, no matter what device is used; home computer, work laptop, Smartphone, PDA. the options are limitless.

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