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Is Your Aerial Video Drone Production Company Registered

Soon all drones even business related Aerial Video Drones for Movies and business
alike will be required to be registered with the department of transportation.

swimsuit-centerfold-aerial-cam-1The United States Department of Transportation needs accountability to ensure aerial drone users are responsible and held accountable for their air craft.  All too often are we reading about Drones crashing near important places.  Even We at vertex Media have had a few close calls with our drones.  They are dangerous, extremely dangerous!  Experience and care must be given to each and ever time our drone is taken out for our video production needs.  When we were filming at the Grand Oasis in Cancun, our drone was in the Main Pyramid and due to loss of the GPS signal along with the being over 200 feet in the air, the sonar guidance system was not functioning either.  This caused the Drone to drift as we accidentally struck  a support wire.  It is a sad sight indeed when you see a $5000 video drone dropping like a rock!  We lost the drone, valuable footage by crushing our 4k camera and everyone’s moral. Not to mention the amazing luck that no bystanders were injured.  So when the FAA asks you to register, make sure you do, or you may, just may find your self in trouble with the government.

The national registry will not hinder efforts to create overarching regulations, Foxx said. The registry task force will be made up of representatives from the federal government and the aviation and unmanned aircraft industries. It will decide which drone owners are exempt from the registry and whether people who already own drones will be forced to register them.  Drone operators will be hit with “penalties” if they fail to register their drones, Foxx said, although it’s not clear what those penalties will be.



“There can be no accountability if the person breaking the rules can’t be identified,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx during a press conference.

As such I can only imagine that soon we will see all drone pilots wearing a license or registration form on their hats / remotes like fish and game require for people with a fishing license.

So make sure your video production company is registered with their aerial video drone before you hire them for your next project.

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