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How To Set Up a Green Screen


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The Science of The Green Screen


Proper lighting is absolutely crucial when it comes to achieving a professional look.
The most important thing about green screening is the lighting, you must have proper lighting to make the green nice and smooth.

  • Green screen lights at 15 degree angles to the screen – this reduces reflection and casts an even light
  • Hair light / Kicker helps erase  Green Casting Spill onto the subject
  • Key & Fill lights evenly light the subject and create the optimum lighting

While you might think the right software or an expensive camera is just as important, even the best camera and editing program won’t fix bad lighting. The lighting must be even so that the background is all the same color. When your lighting is soft and even, it’s much easier to use just about any software, including I-Movie, to remove the background and have it become transparent.

The Type of Screen

Chroma key screens can be blue or green, red, purple etc, however most would want either a green or blue background.

Green is used more often due to several reasons:

  • Digital Cameras capture GREEN better
  • Human subjects do not have green pigments in their skin
  • Different ethnicities have either more red and blue pigment

One time we needed to key out a tennis ball for a commercial shoot – the ball being green, we used a RED background and it keyed perfectly

Green Screen Studio Sample Video

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There are several types of surfaces which you can use for green screening. No matter what you use, paper, a painted wall, or fabric or a RED plastic Storage Tub Lid, you are looking for a smooth appearance. A wrinkled cloth or reflective paper won’t work. You want a smooth,even look, just like you want for the lighting.



Here is an excellent sample of just how cheep you can get with a green screen,
while it is no where near professional, yet it does get the job done.


Now of course if you truly want a professional green screen setup and or need the professionals to take care of your video, call the best Call on Today!

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