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Going Scientific With Movie Ticket Sales

Many people ask us about advertising after we produce their video.  I typically say it’s easy.  Your video needs to be titled in a way that people actually search for the intended results.  Quite often that simply means use the keywords that people type into a search bar.  It used to be easy it used to be simple.  Well, with the infinite wisdom of the search engine guru’s it’s no longer easy.  As big data gets even bigger and marketing becomes ever more expensive, many companies turn to social media and highly targeted  audiences that actually spend money.

Social Media has taken such a large foot hold into the lives of everyone that even companies like Facebook needed to change their privacy settings to prevent people from accessing all the amazing potential data that they have!  While the link I just provided was more about drug use and tracking problems, it leads me to wonder about government use and well, back to marketing to the masses once again.

Back on the Marketing Note

I came across a great article that shows just how powerful audience tracking can be and just how much more affordable marketing can become once your audience is identified.  You see, TV is so fragmented now, the plethora to viewing options are mind boggling. Just think about it, 25 years ago, there were 13 channels and only 4 channels dedicated to mass viewers.  Now there are over 500 channels, hundreds if not thousands of internet channels, not to mention all the garbage siphoning video on Facebook and, YouTube and others!  What are big brands to do to get their product to the for front of all this noise and find their ideal consumer?

Big Data From Social Media

Now their are companies out their data mining and siphoning as much as they can gleam from us consumers.  Just mention the word about movies and BLAM’O you get an add about a movie coming out on the big screen.  Now marketers  are getting it right and saving millions on advertising.  Click here for a great article on proper audience targeting. It’s an interesting read that gets my mind churning.


September 28, 2015