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Will Drones Become Main Stream for Delivery Systems?

Google claims that will be ready to deliver packages to consumers by 2017!
Amazon Has Been Testing as well and now Walmart is getting in on the action as well, just watch the Video Below:

Is it me or does this ring a bell?

It make me laugh by SkyNet May be delivering more to us consumers in the near future!


According to the time article:

“One big challenge is keeping the skies safe. Amazon has proposed a plan that would designate certain airspace for low- and high-speed drones. But drones are also banned from flying within five miles of an airport unless special permission is granted. That could be troublesome for shoppers who live near airports and want same-day delivery — much of New York City, for instance, is considered verboten for drone traffic under this rule.”

Another challenge could be when drones decide that we need to be replaced…

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