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Making Corporate Video Production Work for You

Corporate video production is designed to help businesses communicate to target customers through creative and engaging corporate videos.

Common Types of Corporate Videos

There is a wide variety of corporate videos that companies can employ to convey their message. These include animations, event filming/ capture, foreign language videos, promotional videos, testimonial videos, training videos, TV adverts, viral videos and web videos.

Marketing and Publishing Corporate Videos

The buck does not end with corporate video production. It is of vital importance that the video content is properly published and marketed.

Getting the Most Out of Corporate Video Production

The following rules apply to the production of all categories of corporate videos. To get maximum value from a video, companies should:

a) Refine the target and define Audience

Marketing involves communicating a company and positioning unique value to specific audiences. Not everyone will be interested in the services or products a company deals with. Corporate video production should concentrate on crafting a message that is specifically tailored to the concerns and interests of the intended audience.

This sounds risky, it is actually beneficial to the company’s goals. By narrowing the length of the message, the production team can focus the video’s message and leave out any other irrelevant “noise”. Consequently, the corporate video production will create more engaging content for the intended audience.

b) Make an Emotional Connection

Human consciousness makes people believe that they are making the right decision. However, the subconscious knows better. Almost every decision to buy is an emotional decision. Most corporate videos are recitations of features, facts and benefits. This is why viewers hardly ever view these videos to the end. Companies looking to make their viewers remember the message and watch contained in their videos ought to look for ways to connect with the viewers on an emotional level, engage their attention and get them to do something.

c) Show Instead of Telling

Video is the fastest growing marketing technique today, mostly because it informs and persuades the audience better than other media types. It is a visceral experience designed to engage the audience both orally and visually.

Companies should not seek to explain how they product/ service works. Instead, they should rely on professional corporate video production to show customers how to use their product/ service and the benefits they will enjoy as a result.

Through corporate video production, marketing directors can convey more information in a shorter time period to an increasingly attention- deficient audience. Corporate videos are particularly effective when it comes to showcasing intangible benefits of products/ services.

Those in real estate know that marketing luxury homes involves selling more than just the physical address and the features of the homes. Video would complement traditional realty marketing tools by showcasing the features that are associated with a particular luxury home.

d) Focus on the Customer

Customers are interested in knowing how products and services can solve their problems. This is their primary concern. As a result, they do not really care much about the history of a company’s processes. It is, therefore, sad to note that most corporate videos are not written from the customer’s perspective. Businesses create videos talking about their firms, what they do and their product/ service offerings.

Effective corporate video production, on the other hand, should concentrate on the customer, what they care about and their problems. It should, furthermore, position the company in question as the obvious and unique solution to these specific problems. The video should give the audience something they can actually relate to. The audience should see themselves in the corporate video.

e) Share Beliefs

Basically, markets are conversations. The internet has changed how businesses interact with their customers. Today, customers expect higher levels of transparency from businesses. At some point, a company will have to give out information about its working mechanism, its beliefs and core values to attract customers. After all, the market today has a variety of undifferentiated options that the customer can choose from. To this end, corporate video production should share the beliefs of a company and the inspiration behind its founding.

f) Call to Action

The purpose of any corporate video production project should be to get the viewer to do one thing or the other. Each corporate video should contain at least one call to action.

g) Optimization.

Like any other content placed on the internet, it is important that corporate video production factors in search engine optimization. The product team should employ the smartest SEO practices in the naming, placement and promotion of the video. Additionally, the videos so produced should be distributed in the right way to ensure that the intended audience actually views the content and sees.

h) Measuring the Results.

When the sender of the message received feedback from the receiver, communication is only said to have occurred. Corporate video production should concentrate on getting the right feedback from a company’s target audience. The feedback will enable the company measure the results of the production efforts. If a corporate video was produced and posted online to increase the views of the official company’s website, the firm needs to measure the results.

In conclusion, corporate video production greatly improves a company’s visibility in the market. When properly targeted, produced and distributed, corporate videos will go a long way in helping the concerned company meet its intended goal. Use the above tips, tricks and rules the next time your company is engaged in a corporate video production and watch as your goals are easily met