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Visiting On TV

VSITING is out and it is Hot! Visiting is now being aired on Foxtel

June 20, 2019

Drone Topics

Drone Delivery System

Will Drones Become Main Stream for Delivery Systems? Google claims that will be ready to…

November 4, 2015

Cameras & Lenses

GoPro Gorilla Style For Indie Film Makers

Looking good on a budget is never easy!  There is always a trade off.  Being…

October 28, 2015


Paranormal-CSI & How Vertex Helped

Hello My name is Barry Elliot and I am a student at UCI, when I…

October 20, 2015

Drone Topics

Is Your Aerial Video Drone Production Company Registered

Soon all drones even business related Aerial Video Drones for Movies and business alike will…

October 19, 2015


Tips on Creating a Corporate Video

1) Pick a purpose and find the stories that focus on it Not all corporate…

October 7, 2015


How To Set Up a Green Screen

The Science of The Green Screen   Proper lighting is absolutely crucial when it comes…

October 5, 2015


Television Infomercial Basics

Infomercials or as people in the industry call it, ‘Direct Response TV’ (DRTV) An Infomercial…

October 1, 2015

Cameras & Lenses

The Red One Raven Preview

Aspiring Filmies Unite!  The Red Digital Camera Company Red INC. has announced their newest addition…

September 30, 2015

Cameras & Lenses

Our Canon M3 Review

The Canon M3 is, well basically Canon’s THIRD attempted to get their mirror-less cam into…

September 29, 2015