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 swimsuit-centerfold-aerial-cam-1Being a market leader in aerial visual solutions for over 12 years, we established an extensive client and an excellent reputation list. What sets us apart from our competition is that we are committed to provide our clients with the highest possible image quality. Our team includes seasoned experts from every field of piloting, robotic engineering, aerial photography and post-digital wizardry.

We are happy to consult with you and advise what the possibilities are and for what applications our photography can be used for. Most clients first use our images for investor presentations, entitlement packages, site positioning, VR/3D animations, price determination studies and architectural design planning. Sales/marketing are usually the final departments using Vertex Media panoramic video production.


See Examples of our Work on Swimsuit Centerfold

More than just a beauty pageant, Swimsuit Centerfold is poised to be the world’s hottest televised beauty event—set against the backdrop of tropical beaches, exclusive nightclubs, and unforgettable adventures.



Why Choose Vertex for your Aerial Video Production needs

  • Patented technology stabilization systeminspire1-inflight
  • Prompt production response for last-minute projects
  • Upfront support and consultation
  • Quiet, electric-powered “Green” robot operations
  • Attractive cost/benefit ratio
  • Fully insured with proven safety record
  • Precision alignment and altitude for actual views up to 400’
  • Seamless, easily cropped, 360-degree image
  • Permit-free operations
  • Ready to use high-resolution digital file delivery
  • Interactive applications ranging from desktop computers to mobile touchscreen devices
  • Full-scale helicopter adaptability for skyscrapers over 400’
  • Less hassle than crane for low altitudes